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Dear Seniors, This is What I Want You to Remember

Mostly though, Seniors, I want you to remember that your place at our dinner table is still there and we are always a phone call away. We understand that family ties are not exclusively created with blood, and we are always happy to welcome teammates back home.

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Coach Resign Due to Parental Politics—And it's Time to Say Something Out Loud

So parents, I write this to implore you: we’re losing good ones. Good coaches and good teachers are leaving the profession because it’s so hard to do it with integrity.

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Dear Son, You Don't Have to Play Football

Life is bigger than a game and all we want is for you to grow up ready to tackle the world. We want to know that we raised a man who is ready to begin a career, is driven, has goals, and will be able to take care of his family one day. We want to raise a man who has a good heart and is a friend to all.

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